About Us

ACHL has been providing Claims Management services since 2002. ACHL has one of the largest claimant Personal Injury departments in the country, dedicated to recovering compensation for personal injury victims nationwide.

ACHL has developed specialist with the experience and expertise required to handle a diverse range of personal injury work. Our development of "No Win, No Fee" (some fees maybe payable) services has allowed clients to pursue personal injury litigation with complete peace of mind.

At ACHL We have a national network of medical and legal experts to ensure that clients receive the highest possible standard of legal representation nationwide.

ACHL has successfully settled thousands of personal injury claims. ACHL is No 1 in the field of personal injury in the Asian market / ethnic market. Our claim handlers also speak Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Dari, Farsi (Persian) Pashto, Polish, Tamil to name a few.

Whatever your language and ethnicity we look forward to helping you.